Why Is DNA Important?

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Biologically, DNA is essential to life. It’s found in all humans and all other organisms, in every cell, and stores complex information about the way we are, inherited from our parents. What this means is that DNA is absolutely unique and individual, which is perfect for determining factual circumstances in a number of cases. Through testing DNA, relationships of parentage can be easily established as can siblingship and even more distant family relationships. It can also help establish where two specimens of DNA match, thus allowing identification of the same DNA profile to be made for legal reasons.

Whilst DNA is important biologically, it is also becoming an increasing factor in our everyday lives, with immigration processes, the police and the judicial system all relying on formal DNA testing as part of their fact-finding procedures. Whilst the results from DNA testing are not exactly conclusive of the facts, they do provide one of the best and most reliable guarantees of accurate, positive identification.

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