What is DNA? Importance of DNA

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Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is present in the chromosomes of all the humans. DNA is

the vital biological material which helps to enable an individual’s identity. DNA plays a vital role in solving crime and also determines paternity. DNA is a type of nucleic acid which is made up of thousands and thousands of nucleotides and certain amino acids. The long strand of DNA can be built by the nucleotide.

Half of the DNA is received from our parents and the other half of it comes maternally. DNA can be extracted form number of sources like our hair, blood, saliva, razor clipping etc. DNA is tested in the laboratory by which we can understand our genetic relationships. The DNA contains the blueprints of life and it also helps in exercising control over the functions performed by the cells and helps to indicate the ancestry.

DNA is found in all the living organisms even in some of the viruses. It is found in the nucleus of the chromosomes. The repair and growth of the body can take place easily as DNA is present in every single cell of our body.

Importance of DNA

DNA is biologically essential for life. DNA is found in all the living organisms in every cell and it contains the storage of complex information about our nature, behavior etc. DNA helps to determine the factual circumstances so it is a very unique component of our body. For legal procedures also we can identify the matches between the DNA samples and understand link between the individuals. Most of the police and investigations agencies rely upon the DNA tests as a fact finding technique. DNA is one of the accurate techniques for positive identification of the living organisms.

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